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Small Business, Big Target: Crime Infographic

At first glance, it may seem counter-intuitive for criminals to target small businesses over large businesses. Why would a thief go after a company with fewer assets? While the allure of large sums cash may be temping for many criminals, it is usually the case that larger companies can afford to take greater precautions to [...]

By | April 23rd, 2014|

7 Things Business Owners Must Know About The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act means change for businesses, but if you understand the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP), you’ll be able to assess the pros and cons for your business and avoid the stress. The Patient Protections and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) became law in March 2010.  The law requires state health insurance exchanges to set up [...]

By | March 7th, 2014|

After the Storm: Disaster Resources to Rebuild Your Small Business

A fire management assistance declaration from FEMA was granted for the Warren Grove Fire, triggering a way for federal funding to reimburse state and locals for firefighting efforts. Warren Grove, NJ, May 2007 -Andrea Booher/FEMA If your small business or farm has been hurt by a disaster, you are not alone. Damage from [...]

By | September 9th, 2011|

Preparing Your Small Business for a Hurricane

Acting Small Business Administrator (SBA) Sandy Baruah (left) and SBA Field Operations West director Alfred Judd (right) touring a waterfront area in a Houston neighborhood. Hurricane Ike brought damaging storm surge and winds to communities along the Texas Gulf Coast on Sept. 19, 2008.   As Hurricane Irene approaches the east coast, residents [...]

By | August 26th, 2011|