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Influencer Marketing: How to Get Started & Be Effective

As part of our ongoing D&B B2B Podcast series, Dun & Bradstreet Director of Engagement, Dustin Luther, had an insightful conversation with John Hall, co-founder of Influence & Co. These two social media experts focused on sharing tips and tricks of the trade with a special focus on influencer marketing.  The full podcast has plenty of insights for business owners interested in this type of marketing, and below you can find three steps you could take today to get started:

1) Brainstorm What Good Information You Can Provide

Although you may not realize it or sit around thinking about it, as a business owner you possess information that would benefit others in some way, shape, or form. Sharing your knowledge can be one of the surest way to become a credible source in your field and, as a result, increase exposure for your business.

2) Know Where You’ll Share First

Will you guest post on a friend’s or on a prominent business blog? Will you start you own blog or will you start contributing to your already existing company blog in a new way? Each has it’s pros and cons and you’ll want to pick the right one before you record your first video or write your first article.

3) Decide Who Can Help You

Empowering your employees to create content can help solidify your company’s reputation as the go-to place for the sort of information you’ve decided to provide. It will also take some of the pressure off you to continually come up with great ideas around that topic and share them. Your employees will often have some of the best insights and information. Actively ask your staff in the field, in particular your sales force, what types of concerns or topics they are hearing clients ask about. This can help guide the direction of content, but first you have to decide if and who can help.

To learn more about how you can use influencer marketing for your business, listen to the full podcast here.

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