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How to Launch a Direct Marketing Campaign

We’re very excited about the Direct Marketing Strategies podcast episode we just released!

We had a fun time talking with Chris Dunn, VP of Direct Marketing at Dun & Bradstreet, about how business owners can leverage direct marketing to help grow their sales. Chris shared all kinds of interesting insights, like these:

  • Direct Marketing involves much more than just print and email marketing.
    • While print and email are still both highly effective, direct marketing also includes things like television ads, targeting through music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify, and other areas you may not have realized.
  • Some people may think direct mail is outdated, but in reality, it’s still extremely valuable. A key to successful direct mail marketing is demonstrating value. You only have a few seconds to connect with your customer or prospect, so you need to be able to immediately demonstrate your value. Make sure your content will matter to your target.
  • Psychology can actually play a big role in direct marketing. Most people are capable of thinking like a marketer, and can use basic psychology to figure out how they should target someone or who to target.
    • Ask simple questions like, “Are my ideal customers younger or older than me?” “Are they single, married, or divorced?” “Do they have children or not?” Then think about how you would target that person. Say your ideal customer is older than you, married, and has children, this may resemble a parent for you, so think about how you would target your mother or father.

There’s much more to be learned from Chris than just these few takeaways, including strategies for maintaining a marketing list and where many business owners make mistakes when getting started with email marketing. Download the podcast on iTunes for more and subscribe to our newsletter that includes resources, upcoming events and actionable tips on a new B2B topic each week.

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