Growing Your Manufacturing Business

Once you have a supply chain in place for your manufacturing company, you’ll want to start growing. It’s the nature of business. You have a great product and you want to get it out to bigger companies. But growth isn’t just more projects, growth is finding a bigger space for expansion, additional valuable employees and materials, adding complementary products to your offerings and breaking into new markets. As you grow your manufacturing business, it’s important that when a company or prospective customer pulls your business credit file, that they’re impressed with what they see. One big opportunity or business relationship could take your business to the next level. And when you start competing for larger contracts, you’ll want to make sure you have enough cash flow to get the resources and materials you need to fulfill them.

Building a strong business credit file can help.

CreditBuilder™ is the most effective solution available for both monitoring and building your business credit. Unlike personal credit monitoring solutions, CreditBuilder can help give some control over your business credit file. You can submit positive payment experiences*, dispute inaccurate information in your file, and help impact your business credit scores and ratings – all of which may help you more easily grow your business.


“I was aware that a D-U-N-S Number and good credit was important when establishing a company. What I was not aware of, however, was how immediate down the road both factors would come into play in helping us land an account with one of the largest retailers in the world. To date, one of Scrubblade’s biggest accomplishments would not have been possible without having the CreditBuilder product.”
- Billy Westbrook, Founder & CEO, Scrubblade

Get a manufacturing industry credit expert to help manage your business credit file for you

When new business growth opportunities arise, such as an RFP or government contract bid, you can’t afford to waste time addressing potential issues with your business credit file. That’s why so many manufacturing companies rely on our Credibility Concierge® service.

With Credibility Concierge, you get a dedicated manufacturing industry-specific business credit expert to help you proactively manage your business credit file, so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.

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Did you know?

Manufacturers with a Concierge Manager benefitted from an average of**:

**Score improvement averages measured over a one-year period of time: 6 months prior to the purchase of Credibility Concierge and 6 months after the purchase of Credibility Concierge.

†Average performance improvement among Credibility Concierge customers.

“The quality of service was great. My Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Concierge Manager was diligent, responsive, and fast – I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. With her help, we’re on the right track to qualifying for more capital.”
-Michael Stein, President, Crystal Creek Assisted Living, Inc.

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