Using Business Credit to Help Your Manufacturing Business Increase Cash Flow

If you’re like most manufacturing companies, cash flow management is one of your top concerns. Maintaining a positive cash flow is a necessary part of doing business; it can help your business adequately deal with changes in raw material prices and retain top talent. By actively managing your business credit file, you can help ensure positive cash flow, allowing you to access the funds you need to grow your business. There are some situations where you may be presented with a new growth opportunity and you need to be able to access the funds in order to capitalize on the opportunity. In these cases you’ll need to know how and where you can find funding to cover your growth costs and help you achieve your long-term goals.

Help secure financing at better repayment terms
Having good business credit scores and ratings can help ensure your manufacturing business gets financing when needed. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), insufficient or delayed financing is the second most common reason for business failure. If your company has strong business credit ratings, it could increase your chances of getting funding and lead to lower credit card and loan interest rates, which can positively impact your cash flow. Learn more about traditional lenders.

Help get needed supplies at more favorable terms
Suppliers can evaluate your business credit report to help make decisions about how much credit to extend to you and at what terms. A strong business credit file can help ensure that you get the supplies you need under the best possible terms, helping free up more money for your business. Build my business credit file now.


Access to Capital Events

Access to Capital connects business owners directly with different types of lenders to help find the best fit for their business needs. Meeting directly with a range of lenders helps you find the best lender for your business. There are a variety of alternative lenders that can help your business cover its costs. A few include:

check arrow Credibility Capital
check arrow Kabbage
check arrow Accion
By building a strong business credit file, you may be able to negotiate more favorable terms with your lenders and suppliers, which can help increase your company’s cash flow. It can also put you in a prime position to secure funding when you need it.

Do You Need Financing Now to Meet Your Short-term Business Goals?

Find a lender who best fits your business needs

At Dun & Bradstreet, our goal is to help you build the most valuable relationships in business. A relationship that is often overlooked is the one between the business owner and their lender. Being able to access funding when you need it is critical to your cash flow and your business’s success. Here are a few videos that can help you learn more about the many different types of lenders, so you can quickly find the right lender to help you grow your business:


Traditional Funding – National Banks


Alternate Funding – Factoring


Alternate Funding – Export-Import Funding

Learn more about Cash Flow Management

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