Growing a Manufacturing Business Built on Relationships

The Problem:
Custom Powder Systems, a manufacturing company based in Springfield, Missouri, was presented with a tremendous opportunity to work with a Fortune 500 client. However, their business credit file didn’t accurately represent the current financial state of their business, nor meet the requirements of the client.

The Solution:
Custom Powder Systems needed to quickly update their information to help them impact their business credit file to win the business, so they turned to Credibility Concierge. With Credibility Concierge, you get your very own industry-specific business credit expert to help you manage, monitor, and impact your business credit file for you. The result? They won the business.

Now that Custom Powder Systems has the Credibility Concierge service, they gladly show their business credit file to prospective clients, and use their strong business credit as a competitive advantage when competing for new contracts.

Read the full Custom Powder Systems story here.

“We are always trying to manage the up and down cycles of our business. We ended up using the Credibility Concierge service to help us update our business credit file and we look much better than we did five years ago when it comes to how our business credit and credibility is seen by others.”
Dale McIntosh, President, Custom Powder Systems

Did you know?

Manufacturers with a Concierge Manager benefitted from an average of*:

*Score improvement averages measured over a one-year period of time: 6 months prior to the purchase of Credibility Concierge and 6 months after the purchase of Credibility Concierge.

†Average performance improvement among Credibility Concierge customers.

How can we help your manufacturing business?

Not sure where to begin? You can always call one of our credit advisors for a FREE business credit consultation.** Call 1-800-701-7302

“We’re a young dog treat manufacturer. Having been in startup mode for a while, our credit scores did not accurately reflect our actual financial situation and risked our ability to work with large retailers. Our Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Concierge has helped us in greatly improving our business credit report and has served as a fantastic advocate for our company.”
Grant Weber, Snicky Holdings, Inc.

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