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Risk Management Experts

John Suh – LegalZoom

John Suh is the CEO of LegalZoom, the site that helps customers easily obtain legal advice for many of the processes necessary to run a business.

Gene Marks – The Marks Group

Gene Marks is a CPA and business owner who consults, and writes on small business public policy for the Washington Post, Forbes, and the Huffington Post.

Dismas Locaria – Venable LLP

Dismiss Locaria, as a partner at Venable, assists and advises government contractors in all aspects of working with the Federal government.

Martin Zwilling – Startup Professionals, Inc.

Martin Zwilling is a startup mentor who offers advice, services and investment to small businesses in the early stages of development.

Jim Blasingame – Small Business Network, Inc.

Jim Blasingame is a writer, author, and advisor, offering insights into running a successful business in the modern world.

Bodhi Ganguli – Dun & Bradstreet

Bodhi Ganguli is a Lead Economist for Country Risk Services at Dun & Bradstreet. He has been featured in economic discussions on CNBC and published in International Finance Magazine. He has a PhD from Rutgers University.

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