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The Key to Online Success: Be Like Goldilocks’ Porridge

The first time I ever wrote about Twitter, I ended up with egg all over my face. It was about five years ago, just when the service really started rolling. Celebrities like Ashton Kutcher were vying to get 1 million followers, and talking about Twitter was all the rage. So I jumped into the fray. [...]

By | September 19th, 2014|

5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Cred

Help boost your social media credibility with 5 steps from Steve Strauss.

By | August 25th, 2014|

Twitter’s New Face(book)lift

In the last few weeks, Twitter has been rolling out a new profile layout. If you were one of Twitter’s randomly selected users, you immediately noticed the change, and maybe something else. Does the layout remind you of anything? Perhaps you can sense the inspiration from another social media goliath? That’s right. Twitter now looks like [...]

By | May 1st, 2014|

4 Free Services Every Budget-Conscious Small Business Should Use

Any small business owner knows the phrase "money is tight" can be a huge understatement. Expensive software, consultants, permits, and a plethora of other things are all vying for a piece of a new firm's small budget. Thankfully, many large companies offer incredibly useful services for free! These companies do so for a variety of [...]

By | October 17th, 2013|

Can You Generate Business Through the New Facebook Search?

Let's start with the basics: What is Facebook Graph Search? In Zuckerberg's words, Facebook Graph Search is the Third Pillar of Facebook (with the first two being the newsfeed and your timeline). The feature is designed to make much of the data we've already put into their database more accessible. If you think the "Graph" part [...]

By | January 17th, 2013|

How to Get the Most Out of Small Business Saturday for Your Business

Small Business Saturday is right around the corner, so we thought we'd share some of the great resources you can use to get the most traffic to your small business this holiday season! Last year, we hosted so many great interviews with Small Business experts like Derek Halpen, Kristi Hines, Mari Smith and so many [...]

By | November 14th, 2012|

5 Things to Check Before Making Your Facebook Timeline Public

The new Facebook timeline is a beautiful work of art... and also a potential dangerous source of information        The new Facebook timeline is a beautiful work of art and also a potential dangerous source of information for business owners and others worried about their online reputation. If you're just setting up [...]

By | January 4th, 2012|

Facebook: The 5 Keys to Profitable Social Media Marketing

We've got a brand new CredibilityLIVE coming up next week and we're excited to have Mari Smith (@MariSmith) as our speaker.   This is our series of interviews with business experts where YOU get to ask the questions through Facebook chat. The event will be on Thursday, November 17th at 2pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern.  (Free [...]

By | November 9th, 2011|
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