Accessing Dell’s Global Supplier Opportunities with Melissa Bouilly

Melissa Bouilly, Dell’s Federal Subcontracting and Corporate Diverse Spend Program Manager, joined us for our SupplierEdge® webinar to help explain Dell’s supplier diversity program as well as the opportunities they have for small business suppliers. She offered great insights on how business owners can become a supplier for Dell and how Dell can help companies grow. Tweet This Watch her presentation below.

Melissa started the webinar by going over Dell as a company. Now a private company, she says they can focus more on service for their customers and on improving their community. What exactly does she mean?

  • Quicker action on contracts, which can lead to getting the best prices for their customers
  • Simplicity. This theme around the Dell offices has them searching for ways to give their customers a seamless experience from the beginning of the buying cycle to the end
  • Reaching out through the United Nations to empower people around the world to use technology to grow and thrive
  • Identifying high potential entrepreneurs to give them access to the technology they need to grow their business through the Dell Innovators Credit Fund and Women Powering Business 
  • Looking for partnering opportunities on higher levels with small businesses, such as mergers and acquisitions, not just to offer smaller supply chain jobs

Dell is also a proud member of the Billion Dollar Roundtable. This means that Dell spends more than a billion dollars on women-owned and minority-owned businesses per year. In 2013, they spent $4 billion on women-owned and minority-owned businesses.

What is Dell looking for in a supplier?

  • Suppliers who bring products to the table that they have never seen before; cutting edge technology to excite their customers
  • Companies who use sustainable substances to enhance their corporate social responsibility initiative

Along with looking for new ways to improve their corporate social responsibility, Dell cut down their gas usage by eight percent last year and has committed to cutting it down even more this year. They are also now working with a new company, Newlight Technology, who takes carbon out of the air to create their plastic packaging.

Before opening the floor up for questions, Melissa ended with a quote from Michael Dell, “Technology has always been about enabling human potential. That is what makes us a good fit for small businesses.”

One major question viewers had for Melissa was:

How do you get in contact with companies like Dell to find their supplier opportunities?

Register through Supplier Connection! 26 large companies (Dell, IBM, Facebook, etc.) use this database to find small businesses. After you register, it uses your information to direct you to their supplier programs.

What comes next after I register with Supplier Connection?And what type of businesses are most successful with Dell’s supplier diversity programs?

Find out the answer to these questions, and more at our SupplierEdge LinkedIn community page.

Who is Melissa Bouilly?

Melissa Bouilly Melissa Bouilly serves as Program Manager of Global Supplier Diversity at Dell, where she manages diverse spend and small business subcontracting programs. In this role, Ms. Bouilly leads a team of Supplier Diversity Champions in driving the inclusion of small, minority-owned, and women-owned businesses in a dynamic and ethical supply chain. In 2013, Dell achieved over $4.1 billion in tier 1 spend with small and diverse businesses. Ms. Bouilly also coordinates Dell’s relationship with the Small Business Administration, Supplier Connection, and SCORE, a national, non-profit mentoring resource for small businesses. Ms. Bouilly sits on the board of the National Veteran-owned Business Association (NAVOBA) and two Dell employee resource groups, Virtus and GenNext.

Prior to joining Dell, Ms. Bouilly worked for the Texas Legislative Budget Board, where she collaborated with state legislators and stakeholders to improve service delivery, manage budgeting, and implement new legislation in public safety agencies. She also served as the primary liaison from the LBB to a transition team appointed by the Governor to oversee the creation of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department. In recognition of her service to state government, Melissa was selected by the U.S. State Department to serve as a Legislative Fellow in Sri Lanka in 2012. Ms. Bouilly earned a B.A. from Connecticut College in International Relations and Latin American Studies and an M.S. in Education from Fordham University. She is proud to have served as a Teach For America corps member in New York City and as a Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Scholar.