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Pete Bonnell

About Pete Bonnell

Pete Bonnell is a Social Media intern for Dun & Bradstreet where he develops content by interviewing influencers and experts, in order to gain key insights for current and prospective entrepreneurs. He is a graduate student at Pepperdine ​Univeristy's ​Graziadio School of Business and Management, pursuing a Master of Science in Global Business (MSGB). Prior to pursuing his MSGB, Pete was enlisted in the U.S. Army as a senior communications sergeant for 5th Special Forces Group in Fort Campbell, KY. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the Ohio State University. In his free time he enjoys keeping his marksmanship skills honed in on the gun range, and his golf handicap low on the driving range.

Building a Business Out of Building Business Plans

Cheree Warrick discovered a budding business opportunity while building a business plan for her family. Now, she seeks to give back and help others pursue their professional dreams.

By | April 13th, 2017|

From the Ground Up: Building a Business in Immigration Law

Dana DiRaimondo and Sarah Schroeder stepped outside the traditional immigration law office in Brooklyn, New York, in order to begin their own journey in a boutique style business.

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Carolyn Williams-Francis – From Dreamer to Doer

Carolyn Williams-Francis describes her experience developing a prominent central-Ohio design company, and the value of building professional and personal relationships.

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Entrepreneurship in Social Impact and Community Revitalization

A man who took it upon himself to think bigger than his own ventures is bringing the entrepreneurial spirit to urban centers in the U.S.

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Innovating Romance in a Busy World – Luxury Romance Concierge

Our world is becoming busier by the day, but Therez Fleetwood wants to take the pressure off of you when it comes to planning a romantic occasion.

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Creation Speak – The Story of a Story Creator

We all have a unique story to tell, and Erica Warren knows it. As a story strategist and founder, her own story is truly inspiring.

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Creating Value in the Small Business Payroll Industry

Free payroll for small businesses? This entrepreneur made it happen.

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