Madness has long been associated with creativity, so when I heard our CMO refer to himself as the “Chief Madness Officer” in an interview with Dan Costa of PC Magazine, I knew I’d get sucked in.

The conversation between Dan and Rishi covered so much of the latest in sales and marketing strategy that I wasn’t disappointed. And while listening, I realized I should share the wealth and publish my top 10 takeaways from the interview. Hope you enjoy!


“Marketing and Sales has just gone mad…it used to be the most creative advertising would win awards. The world is totally different now for the marketer and sales person.” – this is driven by the explosion of technology (0:29)


Martec’s Law: the advancement of Marketing Technology is outpacing companies’ and peoples’ ability to actually use it and comprehend it.” (1:17)  Tweet This


“There’s something fundamental to the culture and DNA, and the ability to reinvent itself.” – in reference to the 176 year longevity of Dun & Bradstreet (2:14)


“When I came into Dun & Bradstreet…I asked questions like, ‘What is the marketing technology like, what does the data look like? That’s actually a mistake that most CMOs make. I took a step back and said ‘We need to be clear as a company in this modern world, [as to] what our purpose is and how we go to market [in] that purpose…because the world is crowded.” (5:24)


“Pure paranoia.” – on staying on top of things, being voracious in trying to understand everything that’s coming down the pipe (7:10)


“Think about the technology portfolio like a stock portfolio.” – constantly test, fail, and learn, scaling successful technologies and looking for the next best thing (7:37)  Tweet This


“When we hired individual experts, they just worked in a silo. So we created these Tiger Teams where we had people in all these silos, actually work together in service of a single persona.” – on the importance of working across functions (15:19)


“Things get more complicated for the marketer and for the company, but things get much more beautiful and simplified for the customer, and that’s all that matters.” – on innovation, integration of data, and building products (34:08)


“We should be very judicious and cautious with how we leverage the data and leverage the models, to help the customer, and I think where that line is and how we do it well will actually be a big differentiator for our company and for our customers.” – on customers’ privacy and sharing personal data (35:04) Tweet This


“Ultimately, you have to maintain the right set of values…The CEO [Bob Carrigan] was very clear, ‘We get those right, everything else will fall into place. ‘” (35:35) Tweet This



The creative madness of a master marketer was everywhere in this interview, and I couldn’t help but conjure a mental image of a “mad” wizard wielding a stylus for a wand, conducting an orchestra of data as he architects the digital world around him. Truth is, our Chief Madness Officer showed me the magic behind Dun & Bradstreet.

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Photo Credit: PC Magazine