Linda McMahon is officially the new Small Business Administration (SBA) Administrator under the Trump, following an 81-19 Senate vote on February 14. Her appointment means a lot for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as the SBA plays a critical role for many business owners, helping facilitate loans and advocate on behalf of small business. Here are 10 things about McMahon and what she says she wants to do for small business  Tweet This:

  1. She wants to simplify regulations, but didn’t mention any specific ones at her hearing.
  2. She wants to “level the playing field” for pass-through tax entities like LLCs, which can pay almost half of their income to taxes.
  3. She’s in favor of “debundling” government contracts to help small businesses get a better shot.
  4. She’s willing to learn more about how climate change is affecting small businesses and how the SBA can take a more active role in helping affected businesses.
  5. When it comes to young entrepreneurs, she wants to increase their knowledge of economics to help make them better business people.
  6. She wants to be a strong advocate for women business owners, as well as minority and veteran business owners.
  7. Her father-in-law was co-founder of the WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., and she knows her fair share about running a business.
  8. She doesn’t want business owners to be afraid to take risks, for fear of hidden fees or other consequences.
  9. She casts herself as a “job creator.”
  10. She is also the founder of Women’s Leadership Live, which supports women in the business world.


Photo Credit: lifewjess, Twenty20