With the New Year, we thought we’d start a regular feature where we highlight some of the important insights we gained within the B2B space in the past week.  And while our goal is to provide insights from executives, industry influencers and business journalists each week, we’d be remiss if we didn’t start with some of the biggest B2B news from last week: D&B’s acquisition of Avention and subsequent move into the Sales Acceleration space.

Our team is thrilled to offer a warm welcome to the Avention team, and while there is much celebrating to be done with the news, there are also plenty of insights we found on the web that should help our B2B community stay on top of its game, as well as stretch our minds a bit. Here are some highlights:

In addition to some great content, we thought we’d share a couple of twitter chats that caught our attention:

Are you aware of any articles that really need to be shared with our B2B community? Or any Twitter Chats that our @DnBB2B or @Hoovers teams should be participating in? 

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Featured Image Credit: joelgonewild, Twenty20