When you want someone who will defend you, get you what you want, and squash any and all threats, you think of a lawyer. When you want someone who will brainstorm with you, help you innovate and bring a lot of creativity to the table, you think of…anything but a lawyer.

The stigma doesn’t exist for no reason; often times inside counsel focus 100 percent on protecting the business, and don’t think twice about helping the team in question accomplish its goals. But, imagine what could happen if they did. Moujan Kazerani, former General Counsel at Dun & Bradstreet Emerging Businesses, explores this very idea in her latest post on Bloomberg Law. An experienced corporate lawyer and creative problem solver, Kazerani illustrates how inside counsel can get to a “yes” perspective, and begin to help move a business forward while still protecting it.

If you work as inside counsel, this article may just widen your horizons, and teach you how to say “no” less.

If you’re a business executive who struggles to get anything past your legal department, you may want to share these ideas with your team.

Read the full article on Bloomberg Law.

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