The remodeling and construction industry is in full growth mode right now. 2016 first quarter results compiled by Metrostudy’s Residential Remodeling Index show that home remodeling work for contractors is growing at a good clip, about 4.3 percent higher than the comparable period a year ago. Metrostudy increased its quarterly growth average projection to 4.4 percent for 2016 and 3.8 percent for 2017.

This rising tide will lift many contracting and construction companies but you’ll get further if you paddle with the current. Accelerate growth by sharpening your firm’s social media marketing strategies and other low-cost, high-impact modes of marketing.

More consumers are finding home remodeling and home construction building contractors via Google searches, online reviews, Facebook searches, friend referrals, and other online channels. You have to be ‘findable’ online for consumers, companies and partners to discover, research and vet your company Remodeling Magazine notes that as contractors’ workloads are increasing, their marketing games need to step up correspondingly. You don’t have to do it all. You do have to launch the strategies that best reach your most valued current and potential customers. Here are some tactics to consider.

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Social Media is ‘Word of Mouth’ on Steroids

Your contracting or home remodeling business likely already has some marketing activities. Offline tactics can help, like handing out promotional fliers in target neighborhoods, attending key conferences or home shows, and using your good reputation to drive word of mouth marketing. But as the world’s eyes and ears turn to video and social media, there are certain ways that can help get you attention online for increased job requests.

  •       Start and nurture a Facebook page for your business. This should be a number one priority for most contractors. If you haven’t made a Facebook page for the business yet, do it today. You simply add a page to your existing personal Facebook account, fill in all the relevant information, and start to share the link to your business and ask people to like you on Facebook. As you get going, you’ll find ways to let people see the good work underway in the contractor business.  You can also create a page specifically for the business, which opens up the option for inexpensive, highly effective ‘boost’ campaigns that put your business Facebook page in front of hundreds of potential prospects for as little as $5.
  •       Blogs and Content Marketing. Use a blog to write content about different parts of your contracting business. Add images, videos and links to your website. Enhanced content can shore up your search engine rankings, especially if you seed the content with key search words that consumers use to find businesses like yours. (This process is called ‘search engine optimization”). Here is an easy-to-understand starter page for crafting a great blog post, YouTube channel post or Instagram update. Tech-savvy staffers can help with online tools, like shooting work videos on a phone, uploading images to Instagram or Facebook pages, and building communities online in contractor forums or on industry news sites.
  •       Manage Your Online Reputation. Many homeowners are looking for a good reputation and solid online reviews before considering cost. Managing that facet of your business is extra time-consuming, especially when you must battle harsh reviews posted at consumer review sites. Ultimately, it’s your name on the (digital) doorfront. Keeping track of your online reviews and responding promptly and honestly to all types of feedback can be the difference between earning five star ratings or no stars at all.

Promote Using a Leader

If your contracting business is focused on a high-energy personality, use that person as a spokesperson for all of your marketing and branding. Having a consistent look and feel to your marketing can maximize recognition.

Budget Spending

The lure of DIY social media is that you can get started quickly and easily. But it does take time, attention, and creativity to stoke followers’ interest in what your company offers. Maintain a budget for hiring professionals to polish content, develop online ads and work with you on SEO.

Business Credit Support

Your company’s solid ratings can be a powerful marketing tool. Customers and other businesses respond well to solid Better Business Bureau ratings, great online reviews and mentions of creditworthiness on company websites. You can leverage financial trustworthiness through your business credit file. Business credit rating firms like Dun & Bradstreet also help small businesses cover their bases with tools that help them impact their scores & ratings, reduce bad debt exposure, and maintain healthy cash flow. Credit rating intelligence tools can help build business marketing partnerships that work.

Online Business Directories

Remodelers and contractors can build marketing awareness by submitting their business information to the appropriate business directories. The Better Business Bureau offers directories full of businesses in city locations across the US. Many businesses promote this inclusion in online and offline promotional materials.

These methods for expanding your contracting or remodeling firm’s marketing presence can directly result in more leads, more projects and more word-of-mouth referrals that can build your customer base, cash flow and profits.

Photo Credit: mama.mian, Twenty20