Anthony Scriffignano in Malibu #1Earlier this month, our Chief Data Scientist, Anthony Scriffignano, visited our offices in Malibu and gave a fascinating lunch-and-learn presentation on how he gets his team to focus on making a big impact with big data. Tweet This

The topics covered might seem a bit dry to the uninitiated:

  • The changing nature of big data
  • The implications of our data decisions
  • How to create a mindset that will help us solve the right problems

Anthony Scriffignano in Malibu #2However, Anthony is loaded with colorful stories that bring his data to life… and lucky for us, his written stories are often just as colorful as his presentations.

Quite impressively, he told a story of how his team responded after the Tsunami that destroyed much of the coastal infrastructure in Japan of 2011. Knowing that quick updates could be valuable to the business community, his team leveraged spatial imagery, flood footprint info and so much more, along with Dun & Bradstreet data like company location and linkages to quickly build a model that accessed the impact. Most impressive of all, despite knowing the value of this unique dataset, D&B decided to give the data away for free.

data project after japanese tsunami

A quick look at Twitter tells us that our team in Malibu isn’t the first to discover the colorful wisdom of Anthony Scriffagnano:

While it’s probably implied, I’ll go ahead and say you should connect with @Scriffignano1 if you want a colorful way to explore the ins-and-outs of big data.