Wednesday was my last day as a Social Media Intern for Dun & Bradstreet’s Malibu office. During my last hours there, I was given the opportunity to write a snippet about my experience. For prospective candidates interested in the Dun & Bradstreet internship program, this is a wonderful place to learn and grow. Allow me to elaborate on why this place is pretty amazing.

The people are fantastic

Before this internship, my only knowledge about office culture was what I had seen on TV. I prepared myself for snappy employees, scary bosses, and silent, unresponsive co-workers. So, I was surprised and relieved when I was introduced to extremely friendly and sociable people. Everyone I have interacted with has been polite, fun and easygoing. It’s easy to talk to people here, even if they’re in different departments. The casual business culture also makes it easier to ask questions and learn from my supervisors. In general, the people here work diligently, but also understand the importance of relaxing. What a great balance.

It’s a fun place to beinterning at D&B

The office at the Malibu Dun & Bradstreet office is—in simplest terms—cool. Tweet This The office has lots of open space. Cubicles aren’t a thing there. There are free snacks, a pool table, and foosball. You can choose to sit on long open wooden tables for lunch, or kick back on one of the bean bags in front of the TV. While I was interning, they had weekly catered lunches on Wednesday, and on special occasions they celebrate with themed meals: I’ve had Greek food on Greek Independence Day, Chinese cuisine for Lunar New Year, and Irish dishes for St. Patrick’s Day. I was really impressed by the cultural awareness they encourage.

And, the office has huge glass windows that allow you to get a great view of the beautiful ocean. Where else can you watch dolphins frolicking while you’re at work?

You learn a lot

This is my first internship where I was actually able to delve into my field of interest. Without going too in-depth about my work, I want to emphasize that what I learned will help me transition and implement my academic knowledge into the actual workforce. The internship allowed me to utilize what I learned from class in a real world setting. Beyond that, I also learned a lot about how the business world works. This office focuses on small and medium-sized business needs, so I had the opportunity to create and review a lot of content that focused on the basics for starting businesses, acquiring loans, and building credit. Not only did I learn about business culture and how an office runs, but I also learned a lot more about business-to-business marketing that could help me in the long-run.

All in all, these past 15 weeks have been a period of learning, growth and fun. I am grateful for being exposed to Dun & Bradstreet’s office culture; I will miss the people I worked with; and, again, I encourage anyone interested in interning to apply here.

Photo Credit: Dun & Bradstreet