Adrienne Cooper, a team leader at Dun & Bradstreet, didn’t think twice about donating her kidney to 10-year-old Logan Carson when she met him at a youth motorcycle race in late 2014. Logan had already been through a lot before he met Adrienne – he’d lost his right eye, his right leg had been amputated above the knee, he’d lost fingers and toes and had been on dialysis for almost three years. When Adrienne saw how much Logan was intrigued with motocross, a sport she herself holds multiple titles in, she was inspired to donate her kidney to him. After Logan’s initial donor turned out to not be a match, Adrienne went ahead with testing and found out she was a match. Even though it meant potentially giving up her motocross aspirations in order to protect her remaining kidney, Adrienne didn’t hesitate. Five months after meeting Logan, Adrienne donated her kidney, and the two are both doing well. Logan will need more kidney transplants as he gets older, but for now, his quality of life has greatly improved. You can read Adrienne and Logan’s full story on ESPN.

Photo Credit: Adrienne Cooper