For the past few years, our team has been going to Navy Gold Coast and it’s consistently one of my team’s favorite events to attend. There’s always so many friendly faces… and this year, armed with a new DSLR, I thought I’d share some photos I took as I walked the halls of the expo floor.

And on the off-chance you happen to be at the Navy Gold Coast event this year, stop by and say hi! (Or better yet, make sure to drop off your business card for a chance to win an Apple Watch!) 

If you aren’t at the event, but want to learn more about who we are and what we do visit us online, where we have more information on building your business credit, information for suppliers, and information on how to get funding for your business.


The second day of the Navy Gold Coast event was filled with great conversations and we’re super thrilled to congratulate Jim Savage of JSL Technologies on winning our Apple Watch raffle!