Dun & Bradstreet’s first Do-Good Week was an incredible experience and its employees can’t wait for next year’s. It’s part of the company’s corporate culture to give back to the local community and the employees are encouraged to “do good” outside of the company – employees are even offered a certain amount of paid volunteer hours to go out and contribute to their favorite charity or nonprofit organization! Everyone who participated from the Malibu office was excited to get out there and make a difference during the first Do-Good Week – Check out the events the Dun & Bradstreet Malibu team organized and the charities that were supported below!

Monday: The American Red Cross set up camp in the Malibu office on Monday to kick off Do-Good Week with a blood drive. 32 people donated throughout the day, which could potentially save 96 lives!

Tuesday: Things got festive on Tuesday when 22 people served up a Hawaiian style BBQ to the residents at a Santa Monica shelter. Volunteers decorated the outdoor patio area with flowers and leis and then served a buffet style meal to the residents for lunch. While everyone was eating there was a ukulele performance and hula dancing, which some of the residents even got up and participated in! Both the residents and volunteers had a blast and the residents were very grateful.

Wednesday: 16 volunteers came out to the Veterans Home of California on Wednesday to spend time with the Veterans living there. Volunteers and residents played games like Uno, pool, corn hole (bean bag toss), and Connect Four while the Veterans shared their stories and chatted with the volunteers. This event was particularly awesome because volunteers from Dun & Bradstreet who work remotely in the Los Angeles area joined in as well!

Thursday: Sometimes in order to make a difference you have to learn more about the problem first. On Thursday, a speaker series was held in our office and employees were invited to bring a dish for a potluck lunch. The event brought awareness to the Dining For Women organization – a grassroots program whose aim is to reduce gender inequality and poverty by empowering women through education and by giving them access to resources. The hosts did an excellent job educating Dun & Bradstreet employees on how they could get involved!

Friday: For the last Do-Good Week event, the office decided to make a donation to a charity. Many employees brought in their gently used business and professional clothes to be donated to the Dress for Success organization. Dress for Success is a charity that helps homeless and poverty stricken individuals access everything they need to find employment and help improve their quality of life. A lot of useful items were collected and the team was happy to know their donations are going to a great cause!

The team definitely hopes Do-Good Week becomes an annual event and had so much fun helping out the community and giving back. Feel free to get involved in any of the charities or organizations Dun & Bradstreet worked with and help make a difference yourself!