Think about the biggest and best party you’ve ever been to. Was there an amazing band? Delicious food? A great crowd? Whatever made it stand apart, it was probably not accidental – but due to great planning, execution, and a collaborative effort.

To pull off a big event, many corporations turn to full service event planning company, Global Management Services (GMS). The Chicago-based event planning company works with clients ranging from Ford to Pfizer, and usually requires a minimum of six months of preparation leading up to the big event, along with a team of vendors, freelancers, and a full-time staff.  Hanson Ansary, CEO of the firm, applies the same logic for his clients’ events as he does to his own business – the key is in the planning.

“A lot of entrepreneurs practice the “fly by seat of your pants” theory but I think if you start your journey building your company’s credibility and reputation, it’s much smoother in the long run,” explains Ansary.

Due in part to Ansary’s diligence in building his company’s credit and credibility, GMS has been able to expand its rolodex of clients by proving that it’s a dependable company worthy of working with some of the largest corporations in the world. After acquiring GMS, Ansary knew that it was time to focus on making sure that its relationships with its vendors and suppliers were in good standing and reflective in the company’s business credit file, which is why he turned to Dun & Bradstreet’s CreditBuilder™ product. With CreditBuilder, a company has unlimited access to its D&B® scores and ratings, can benchmark itself against industry medians and peers, see what industries are pulling its file, and add qualifying payment experiences* to its file.

“We brag about our credit worthiness to our clients when we pitch our services for one of their events,” explained Ansary. “We always tell them we are a reliable company and have solid D&B credit scores, in addition to showing all the services we are able to provide and our years of experience.”

Recently, Ansary and his team of 20 full time employees were able to pull off their biggest feat yet – organizing an event for Boeing that would bring together 500 successful CEOs.  Each CEO was flown in by a private jet from locations all over the world to Chicago, where they were set up with lodging, attended a two-day conference, treated to two gala dinners, and taken on tours of the city’s museums. Ansary’s team was responsible for all of it – down to coordinating with 3,500 police officers for security purposes and facilitating hotel management on a lock-down basis.

While this was a huge win for Ansary and his firm, they share their success with the vendors and suppliers with which they collaborated. Thankfully the suppliers and vendors they worked with were reliable and contributed to the success of the event, but unfortunately they have not always been so lucky.

Ansary shared that his company’s biggest challenge has been, “…finding the reliable suppliers, as we do not own any of the services we offer – such as transportation, equipment rentals, security and hotels,” Ansary said.  “Because of this, our dependence on reliable vendors is critical for our success. This is where Dun & Bradstreet scores come into the picture for us.  The nature of this industry is such that a minimum of six months of planning is required for an event – with a lot of back and forth with funds being transferred between our clients and to our suppliers. Our clients use the same criteria as the vendors we work with.  Both equally want to know that we are able to meet their requirements. Our hard work and our business credit scores both play into how we propose our services as they help show we are a credible company worthy of working with our clients.”

GMS takes their credibility seriously, and it’s easy to see why. When you work in an industry built on trust and reliability, it’s important to be able to convey your credibility to others. It’s so important, that Ansary’s best advice to other business owners is to value their credibility.

“Place a little more emphasis of credibility in advance, so when you reach out to suppliers or clients, they know you are who you say you are,” he said. “Because of the hard work we put into our company at the start, we are now able to show our clients that we have the ability to fill their needs.”

GMS has big goals for the future, including becoming one of the top 10 event planning companies in the country. With the strong relationships they’ve created and the value they put on their credibility – they’re well on their way.

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Photo Credit: Global Management Services, Facebook