The buzz around our weekly chats on Twitter has been building, and now with a major change happening in the small business world, we’re seizing the opportunity to find out how business owners and experts are feeling. In the past, we centered our questions around quality content, building trust, and becoming influential online. This week, we’d like to talk about something very timely.

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently announced changes to the rules around equity crowdfunding, which, unlike gift crowdfunding (think Kickstarter), allows the public to receive ownership of the company. Previously, only accredited investors (individuals with a certain amount of money) were able to participate in equity crowdfunding, limiting the amount of investors available. Now, anyone can invest in a startup, and they can do it completely online. Inevitable, some small business owners will leverage these new rules to raise funds so they can grow and hire, so we posed this question to the community to get their thoughts:

Same as usual, we’ll be updating this article with our favorite responses as they come in!

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From Ivana Taylor: