Our last #CredibilityChat started some great conversations about quality content, but the conversation isn’t over. Following our first chat about building influence online, we asked experts what type of content can drive business opportunities, and they gave us lots of awesome examples of quality content!

Ivana Taylor, founder of DIYMarketers.com, had a ton a great advice for businesses wondering how to produce winning content, like having a strong point of view, running surveys and creating how-to pieces.

Others, like @FranchiseKing and @VegasBiLL chimed in with their advice, describing quality content as:

These ideas left us thinking…Even if you’re creating quality content, how do you get people to believe what you’re saying? And that led us to this week’s question:

Why is building trust so important for business owners?

And as with last week, we’ll be updating this article with our favorite responses as they come in!

If you want to join the conversation and share your ideas, just leave a comment below or use the hashtag #CredibilityChat!

From Gail Gardner:

From Ivana Taylor:

From Shashi Bellamkonda:

From Barry Moltz:

From Evan Carmichael:

From Avro Marketing:

From Dr. Roger Seiler:

From BizEquity:

From Easy Ice on building trust: