Hello there! Welcome to our report on trending business news. I’ll be your host for this post, so join me as we peruse the events from the past week!

Uber and Lyft still hate each other– And they’ve taken it to the next level. Uber has hired President Obama’s former campaign manager to be the SVP of policy and strategy. They did that to take down Lyft, and eliminate the competition. It’s been quite the drawn out spat though; it’s starting to remind me of the middle school lunch room.

Tom Hanks mad a typewriter app to satisfy our inner hipster– This is actually pretty cool, and I’m a huge Tom Hanks fan so I am all for this. Basically the free app turns your iPad into a typewriter, complete with the clickety-clackety keys and the DING when you get to the end of a line.

Verizon was named America’s top wireless network– Which we pretty much knew already. And AT&T was right behind it in the ratings. Which was also not a shocker.

Apple reached an all time high– $101.09 per share to be exact. Which is pretty impressive in all honesty.

Windows 9 might launch in September– it probably won’t be anything like Windows 8. Or it might be just like it.

and last but not least

The ALS ice bucket challenge– one or 45 of your Facebook friends have probably done this already, and it’s been a highly controversial campaign. It’s raised over $15 million for ALS research and general awareness about a pretty nasty disease.

That’s it for this week! We hope you’ve enjoyed this installment of the week at a glance!

Photo Cred: @TimHamilton