lyftIt’s been a heck of a week with quite a few ups and downs, and I’m here to make sure you didn’t miss anything! Let’s go!

Uber & Lyft hate each other Things got nasty this week between the two alternative taxi services. Lyft accused Uber of having its employees order a billion (note: not the actual number) fake rides from them, and Uber said “Oh yeah? Well your employees ordered a billion and ONE fake rides from us!” and they’ve been fighting like kids in a playground ever since. Sounds like somebody needs a time out.

Unlock your phones!– With the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act signed last week, T-Mobile is putting out an app allowing you to unlock your phone from your carrier. So next time you go to Europe, you can unlock your phone from T-Mobile while you’re gone. Or you can say “Forget you” and unlock your phone permanently from them. So far they’re the only carrier to provide such a service.

Cisco is cutting jobs– 6,000 jobs to be exact. There’s a restructuring going on within the company and they expect a flat first quarter. So 8% of their workforce has got to go

Siri is getting a sister– The creators of Siri are working on a new personal assistant for your phone. Her name is Viv and she is way smarter than her older sister. Apparently Viv will be able to understand complete sentences, with analogies and multiple commands.

New iPad! (Maybe)– There are rumors swirling around that Apple will unveil a new iPad and iPad mini by the holidays. This one will be able to cook you dinner and teach your kids how to ride a bike. Just kidding. But it’s sure to have some cool new features that hopefully don’t include a smaller screen (because then seriously, it’s just a phone you can’t talk on).

On a more serious note, there was a major disruption in the universe this week. Beloved comedian Robin Williams passed away of apparent suicide. The business world mourned his loss with collections of his most inspiration quotes and recounted the ways that he was an entrepreneur at heart. He will be sorely missed.

Come back next week for more business news!

Photo Cred: @Alfredo Mendez