It’s that time again! The business world never sleeps and it was my job to tirelessly keep up with it (although I definitely did take time to sleep. I’d turn down for a good nap no matter what Lil’ Jon says). So here’s what happened this week while you were sleeping. 

A NY hotel got mean and everyone had something to say about it The Union Street Guest House in Husdon, NY has told brides that if they are to have their wedding there, they are responsible for any negative comments their guests may post about the hotel. And in a big way. Each negative comment will cost the newlyweds $500! Because, you know, they just spent $25,000+ on a wedding, they totally have that extra $500 lying around. And excuse me, Union Street Guest House, why are you assuming you will get negative comments? Sounds sketchy. 

Speaking of sketchy, P.F. Changs was hacked– while they have delicious food, apparently they don’t have great security for customer credit cards. 33 restaurants were attacked, and as of right now, the restaurant can’t actually tell which guests were affected. With all of the other security breaches lately, (think Target, eBay), maybe it’s time to beefing up some security systems. 

Fox and Time Warner had a spat– 21st Century Fox was all excited to buy Time Warner (like $80 billion dollars worth of excited). But Fox’s shareholders were less excited, and after noticing that their stock tanked once the takeover announcement was made, Fox decided to heck with it, and left Time Warner in the lurch. So then Time Warner’s stock tanked and now they’re not sure what to do. 

Google caught some bad guys– This story is either good or bad depending on how you look at it. Well. It’s a good story, with a few questions left unanswered. Basically, Google “detected” that someone was sending child pornography to people, and so they took it to the police and caught the guy. Which is good! But the question everyone is now asking is, is Google looking at all your emails?

And last, but probably most importantly: 

Apple announced the iPhone 6 launch date! – Now I don’t know about you, but my iPhone 5c was starting to look a little ancient and I was getting antsy as to when I could get a new one (please read as: I am a poor college student who is incredibly grateful that I got a phone for my birthday, let alone an iPhone 5c and I will not be getting an iPhone 6 until the iPhone 9 has come out). But everyone else in the world is stoked that the new phone is coming out. So on September 9th, be prepared to have your mind blown by Apple. Again. 

Well that’s all folks! If you didn’t tune in last week, here’s what happened. See you all next Friday! 

Photo Cred: @ahisgett, Flickr