Happy Monday everyone! Once again we delve into the world of trending business news. Last week was full of earnings reports, bad food, and sharks in tornados. So in case you were under a rock for the past week, here’s what you missed!

  • It’s been a rough time for McDonald’s lately and it may affect your small business – The fast food giant has been treating individual locations as a small business, meaning complaints about specific locations are handled by management of that location and not the chain itself. The court has ruled this is not allowed, and each location should be treated as though it is the corporation itself. This small businesses that are part of a franchise may start to be treated as though they are large companies, requiring the same benefits and pay for the employees that a larger company would provide. In McDonald’s case, this could mean each location owner would be required to give the same benefits to employees that McDonald’s Corporate gives to its employees.
  • Twitter has 16 million new users and they surprised everyone with how much profit they made within the last quarter. So if you’re not on Twitter, you should be!
  • And they’ve decided they want to be as big as Facebook – Good luck to them. With their earnings report, it looks like they just might get there.
  • Instagram has an answer for Snapchat – BUT. It’s not in the U.S. yet so you can’t have it. And users were real mad.
  • The 500 Startups Conference was this week – and we saw 500 hopefuls tell us why their company is the next big thing.
  • OKCupid matched people up on bad dates for fun – Remember the scandal where Facebook controlled users news feed and only allowed them to see all positive or all negative posts? Well, OKCupid did the same thing we found out, except they purposefully mismatched people up on dates to see what would happen. Ethics, anyone?
  • Argentina is breaking the stock market – The finance world is on the edge of its seat waiting to see if Argentina will default on its loans. And it’s affecting Wall Street.

and finally, because it would’ve been a travesty to not mention it:

  • SHARKNADO – Last time it was Malibu, this time it’s New York, but those darn sharks keep getting stuck in tornados and wrecking havoc.

So there you have it! Come back next week for a quick look at what happens in the business world. And if you missed last week’s wrap up, click here.

Photo Cred: Charles Lee & Scott Peters