girl on phonePart of my job as an intern is to tirelessly scour the internet for interesting, informative and insightful articles pertaining to business. This means that when things business news starts to trend on social media I see the same article close to 35 million times (yes, that was a scientifically calculated number. Only the best interns here!). I also learn quite a few things in my internet endeavors throughout the week, and I wanted to share my findings with you, the lovely readers!

These are just a few of the trending topics from this past week:

1. Facebook Made Bank in Q2 2014. All those naysayers that insisted Facebook was just a fad were really wrong according to this week’s earnings report.

2. Zuckerberg is even richer. He added a casual $2 billion to his fortune. Not bad for a Wednesday.

3. Speaking of Facebook, testing has begun on a new “Buy” button for the site. This could mean good things for businesses, as the hope is consumers can buy straight from their Facebook page. (All this also means it was probably super busy at the Facebook office this week, because they were all over the news.)

4. Apple made a deal with IBM and it was good one according to their earnings report.

and finally

5. Israeli entrepreneurs are continuing to keep their businesses stable, despite the current conditions.

So there you have it! That’s what was trending in social media this week for business (well, other than the release of the 50 Shades of Grey trailer. But if you want to watch that, you can look it up yourself).

Check back next week to see what everyone’s talking about.

Photo Credit: Nora Kaszuba, Flickr