In the middle of the summer, university business competitions are winding down and we’re reflecting on all the amazing competitions we proudly sponsored through our Entrepreneurial Growth Initiative program. Among them was the Cozad New Venture Competition hosted by the Technology Entrepreneur Center at the University of Illinois.

The competition was on April 25th and served as an invitation for students to create new and sustainable businesses.  Competing teams chose to compete in a university-funded track or to compete using outside funding; each track produced one winner, and both winners stood to win $180,000 in funding and other prizes. The winners for the 2013-2014 competition were finally announced, and all of the winners this year are outstanding examples of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Rithmio took first place for the university-funded track, winning $20,000.  The company’s goal is to create gesture recognition software for fitness devices.  Users can track their movements using different fitness accessories and have a personalized, central location with all of their fitness information.  ElectroCyt took home the $10,000 second place prize, with their hand-held device that can analyze important qualities in human blood.

Lumenous Co. was the winner of the non-university-funded track and won $20,000.  They utilized projection mapping to create a technology that allows designers to use projections combined with everyday objects to give clients a visual of their designs. The second place winner was Inscites Research, “a platform that integrates into a researcher’s workflow and allows easy and secure collaboration and knowledge curation.”

For a complete list of all the other companies that were awarded cash prizes, check out the announcement.  Congratulations to all the winning teams!

As these competitions conclude, it has been an honor for Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. to be involved and we can’t wait for the next round of competitions to begin in the fall. Keep on entrepreneuring, folks (spell check is telling me that isn’t a real word, but in the spirit of entrepreneurship and invention, I’m going to say it is).

Photo credit: tec_estromberg, Flickr