155249195_cf8d584543_zI recently read Jeff Stibel’s latest article about the improving economy and as a young intern in the big pond of the American workforce, I can say that I am incredibly excited about his assertion that the economy is getting stronger.  The answer to the depressed economy will be small business growth, according to Mr. Stibel.  Small businesses are flourishing, and as the largest job creators, hold the answer for bringing employment back to the workforce.  My generation has been conditioned to believe that jobs are not given, they are fought for; that competition fuels young talent, and makes us work harder.  We know there is another peer, just as talented, willing to work hard and fill our shoes if we falter for even a second. One thing I’ve learned is to never take employment for granted.  Every opportunity given to you can be turned into something great if you put forth your best effort.  From small startups to big business, any entry level job is an invitation to be excellent, because it’s our generation that will be tasked with maintaining the economic prosperity in future years.

To anyone looking for a job, don’t count out small businesses and startups in your search.  Based on Mr. Stibel’s assessment, they are going to be hiring at faster rates than corporations in the next few years.

Don’t count out starting your own business.  The opportunity to be your own boss isn’t that far out of reach. If you need resources or help building your small business, be sure to check out the Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.’s Small Business Starter.

Photo Credit: Elvert Barnes, Flickr