Early today, our CEO Jeff Stibel released a report on Harvard Business Review that highlights our forecast that small business owners will lead us out of our “jobless recovery” by hiring at rates that are greater than economists are currently predicting.

The main conclusion we’ve reached is that unemployment will likely drop to 5% in July 2015.  How might that affect you and your business?  Jeff Stibel does a great job offering a short summery in this video:

The conclusions from this study have created quite a firestorm of interest within the comments on both HBR and LinkedIn (The Job Market Could Finally Be Turning Around), as well as a response from Jeff Cox of CNBC, who provided the contrarian view.  Obviously, we welcome the healthy debate and look forward to July 2015 when we’ll know how this revised model works out!

As a company, we launched many initiatives like our Access to Capital events in order to be strong advocates for the small business community.   We couldn’t be more excited to hear that small business owners are feeling more optimistic and the strong recognition of the role that small business owners play in helping us better forecast unemployment in the future!


CNBC interviewed Jeff Stibel to discuss the forecasted decrease in unemployment with Jeff Cox.

Jeff Stibel on CNBC