While I’m at the 2014 AEO National Conference, I figured it would be the perfect time to announce one of the projects that directly came from my participation in the conference last year.

For many business owners, there is understandably a lack of knowledge around the role business credit can play in their success. With that in mind, our team has been hard at work on our Business Education Center!

Though we have devoted considerable time educating businesses before, we wanted a simple and more visual way to share this valuable information.  We are proud to introduce our first educational video series, “The Basics of Business Credit.” These short educational videos that can help the viewing audience get a better understanding of what’s in a business credit file, why it matters and the importance of separating business credit from personal credit.

The first video in the Basics of Business Credit series is all about the importance of separating your business and personal credit.  Though business credit is similar to personal credit in how it can be built and leveraged, there are important differences between the two and they should be kept separate as much as possible.  The video explains how separating the two types of credit can protect your personal finances as your business grows, as tying your personal assets to your company’s success can put your personal assets at risk if the business suffers.

The best strategy is to start building your business credit early–strong business credit can help you qualify for loans, get extensions on credit lines, win contracts or bids, negotiate better payment terms and lower interest rates.  Watch the video to learn more about what business credit is and how it can help bolster your credibility if you keep it separate from your personal credit.

Interested in a FREE business credit consultation with one of our Credit Advisors call 1-800-701-7168. A credit consultation can help you understand how to leverage your business credit file to secure contracts, get access to capital, manage cash flow and minimize business risk, call 1-800-701-7168.

Check out the rest of the series to learn about more small business topics.

Photo credit: photosteve101, Flickr