Rain Rain Go AwayIn today’s fast paced and technology-dependent society it can be difficult to stop and appreciate the truly special things in life. These special things are usually the people, places, objects, or experiences that inspire us: the things that make us tick. They have no specific number or limit because they are not quantifiable; they are things like our family, our values, and our dreams. In the case of Billy Westbrook, the founder and CEO of SCRUBBLADE, his family is what inspires him and keeps him going.

In Billy Westbrook: Giving the World a Clearer View, Billy talks about how inspirational and quintessential his family is to his recent success with his innovative windshield wiper company, SCRUBBLADE, which he started in 2006.

Billy’s business savvy, coupled with his innovative product, provided him with the proper tools for success, but with the help of Dun & Bradstreet he was able to grow his business by partnering with large retailers to get SCRUBBLADE in front of more potential customers. Billy, through his entrepreneurship and attention to his business credit, is able to keep his family happy and healthy and continue to pursue his vision

Photo Credit: Basheer Tome, Flickr