We’re back with the March roundup of our CEO Jeff Stibel’s posts. Mr. Stibel put out 4 articles on Linkedin in March, so if you missed them, don’t worry,  you’re in the right place!  If you’re not following him on LinkedIn, click here now and check out his posts! Check out my February roundup for previous articles.

In March, Jeff covered everything from the future of technology to how our brain reacts to the internet. He shared some refreshing insights into his character and talked about some of his favorite successful failures. It was nice to feel connected to our CEO, even if it was just when he popped up in our LinkedIn feeds.

Let’s get this roundup started!

When Science Meets Science Fiction – March 4, 2014

In this post, Jeff writes about how our current technologies are transforming our science fiction dreams into scientific realities. If you’re familiar with the Spike Jonze film Her, you’ve probably met Samantha, the computer operating system with a personality that Joaquin Phoenix’s character falls in love with. If you’re not familiar with the film, just think about how artificial intelligence felt like an unreal technology just a few years ago, and now we’re speaking to our telephones (instead of through) and have computers that can sense our emotions. While, I don’t think my iPhone will ever become my best friend, could you imagine a world with companion droids or best friend bots? That future may be coming soon.

How to Cope with What the Internet Does to Your Brain – March 12, 2014

According to Mashable, U.S. adults are spending 11 Hours Per Day with Digital Media. That’s almost half of our day! With the internet so pervasive in our lives, it’s necessary to understand what it’s doing to us and our brains. Mr. Stibel has some great tips on how to use the internet to our advantage, and he explains how technology is positively affecting our brains and changing our biology.

What to Do When You’re Asked to Go Get the Coffee – March 18, 2014

To some CEOs, getting a cup of coffee is a menial task reserved for interns or assistants. That’s not the case for Jeff Stibel. In this post, he shares a story about his willingness to get a venture capitalist he was pitching a cup of coffee, even as the CEO of the company. This great lesson in humility is a reminder that there are no tasks that we’re too good for. We should take genuine interest in everyone we interact with, no matter how high or low on the totem pole they are.

The Greatest Failures of All Time – March 31, 2014

Jeff lists off his Top 10 Greatest Failures of all time. No, not his personal or business failures, he’s referring to some of the world’s greatest individuals that have failed on their path to success. This ­is one of my personal favorites, especially as I reflect on my successes and failures as a soon to be college graduate. You might be surprised by who is on this list and how you can learn from their failures and attitude towards them.

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