437597838_5788ca5bbcA few weeks ago Aaron Stibel, Senior Vice President of Technology at Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp., wrote an article for The Enterprisers Project on what was the secret ingredient for successful, agile companies. While Product and Engineering teams are necessary elements of a business’s success, so is the need for a strong Project Management Office.

In the past, according to Stibel, PMOs have been regarded as the “policing force” within a company. But as times have changed, so has the role of the PMO. No longer the overseers, looking over the shoulders of development teams, modern Project Managers have evolved into business people with technological and engineering knowhow. Instead of supervising from the outside, they are actively part of the team.

Stibel feels that a successful PM is someone who has the agility to know how code and business must combine. They are important to each team. Whether they are executive, product, or engineering, the PM is able to bridge the gap between each one and act as a moderator. PMs will continue to move towards engineering until they are integrated seamlessly, making them even more important.

Formal PMOs are no longer divided from other teams, but active partners. Successful, agile tech companies have shown us that to establish and maintain healthy relationships between different teams, creating a modern Project Management Office is necessary.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Keith, Flickr