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It’s always an exciting time around the intern surfboard when our CEO Jeff Stibel publishes a post online. February was a good month to get a peek into his mind with his articles on LinkedIn and HBR.

As an intern, it’s nice to see that Jeff is not a mystery executive. Almost every other day, Jeff comes and works with us at our table for at least an hour, giving us a firsthand look at the projects he is working on. While the conversations are brief, it’s pretty cool to work alongside our CEO.

Here is a roundup of Jeff’s articles for the month of February:

Google is Already in Our Nests – February 05, 2014

Jeff writes about the doom-and-gloom predictions around the end of privacy with Google’s purchase of Nest Labs. I get it; I think it would be pretty annoying and invasive if Google played a 15-sec video clip before I adjusted my thermostat or required me to sign-up for Google Plus before I could use the product. Fortunately, that is not what Nest is about.

Looking at the bigger picture, I know that a lot of people are concerned with privacy and how their data is accessed (with good reason). As a 20-something-year-old, I’m concerned with how potential employers view my online presence, but I understand that almost everything I post online is public (even if I check off the private button). If you’re concerned with privacy, only provide access to the information you don’t mind sharing and use the technology the way you want to, or just don’t use it at all.

Is Twitter in Trouble? – February 11, 2014

Declining user growth seems to be the reason for Twitter’s recent fall in stock. Their first quarterly earnings report showed that revenue was up, but this seems to be a case where the number of users could predict the fate of the company. Jeff weighed in on how niche social media might be on the verge of replacing twitter as the ‘information network’ and how recent changes in the Twitter interface might have damaged its popularity.

It’s interesting to see how important the user is for the economic health of these mega social networks. I like Twitter and I think I’ll use it for a long time. Between sharing neat articles, blog posts, and interacting with different concert venues, I think it’s the best way to connect to an enormous community without even having to really ‘know’ anyone.

The Logic Behind Facebook’s Recent Moves – February 21, 2014

Facebook just purchased Whatsapp for $19 billion and Jeff thinks that it’s a part of the big picture transition from desktop devices to mobile. While Facebook use has slowed down on desktop, it has increased on mobile devices. He explains that this recent purchase is part of their effort to stabilize their network and make it through their breakpoint without collapsing.

I haven’t used Whatsapp since I lived in Panama over two years ago, but I remember that it was a useful tool for staying connected with my friends at home and in Panama. I think the 19 billion dollar figure is insane, especially since I remember getting the app for free. Perhaps, Whatsapp’s  international presence may help Facebook increase its global dominance, but I guess only time will tell.

The (Imperfect) Perfect Job Interview – February 26, 2014

The perfect interview is not a one-way street; it’s a conversation and a chance for great storytelling. Jeff gives readers a look at his personal interview style and explains why the traditional interview style traps potential candidates in a box, limiting the chance to get to know them.

This insight is very uplifting for me as a soon to be college graduate. If I can get face time with a potential employer, I want them to get to know me outside of my resume. I agree with Jeff, not because he might be sitting two seats away from me, but because I can say that almost all of my best interviews have been conversational. I’ve always been given the chance to talk about my strengths and qualifications and about who I am.  I don’t expect to have this two way street all the time, but it’s refreshing to see this perspective from Jeff.

That’s a wrap!

Check back every month to see what Jeff is writing, or feel free  to follow him on Twitter LinkedIn, and HBR.

Photo Credit: Vim Iglesia, Intern