Around The Office P1-6In a recent LinkedIn article written by Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. CEO, Jeff Stibel discusses the value of alternative interview methods. Through the traditional interview process, the employers ask questions and candidates provide answers. While this clear-cut method may allow employers to get direct answers to their questions, they are oftentimes leading in nature and condition a certain response.

Instead of trudging through a list of interview questions, he finds that it is much more beneficial to create a natural dialogue that really makes the applicant think about their answer before replying. When it comes to interviews, “What [Jeff is] interested in is a clear articulation of who candidates actually are. What gets them going, what makes them tick, what they’re passionate about, what their aspirations are.” In doing so, it becomes an open conversation in which employers can get a better grasp of who they’re talking to, beyond the resume. Hirers be wary, this may not produce the most eloquent response, but instead having them tell their story will be more indicative of them as a person.

This “imperfect” interview approach, unorthodox as it may seem, can help in recruiting the team members that will best suit your company. In Jeff’s words “Next time you’re searching for your next team member, it’s imperative that you stop interviewing and start really listening.”