It’s been a very busy month for Jeff Stibel and we’re excited to share a recent Entrepreneur post he was featured in: Why Dabbling Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur by Lisa Evans.

The work-life balance is vital for entrepreneurs and business owners, and it’s great to see Jeff’s perspective on how dabbling in many different interest areas “can make you smarter and improve your business.”

The insights shared show us why dabbling is like “cross-training for the brain.” Blending principles from different interests can help us be creative, imaginative, and versatile. Also, it can help us improve our focus and ramp up our productivity. What’s not to like?

Jeff says that the best entrepreneurs have discipline across a number of subject areas and “the best way to discover something is to take an existing concept in one discipline and apply it to another.” So, we encourage you to get out there and dabble!

Photo Credit: Pauline G, Flickr