So many good conversations happened during the #sbaEweek chat on Twitter. It was a great opportunity to connect with the SBA and hundreds of people interested and participating in the #smallbiz world. After giving a couple questions a second look, we’ve decided to provide a couple insights of our own.

David Shorten asked…

If you’re not familiar with the FSSI, it stands for Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative. The program was designed by the General Services Administration (GSA) to streamline the government’s purchasing process across multiple government agencies, in order to increase efficiency and save costs.

FSSI has provided opportunities for capital for small businesses, but a major criticism is that only a select few are receiving these contracting opportunities from government agencies. Government agencies offer a large percentage of contracting jobs for small businesses, so a decrease in opportunities would be devastating.

How can you manage your business with the FSSI?

Some small businesses see the FSSI as a major obstacle to obtaining opportunities, but others are using it as a chance to leverage their relationship building skills and connect with government agencies or maintain their current relationships.

If you can blend the value of your small business with the relationships you build with the buyers, decision makers, and influencers, you can create your own opportunities to receive government contracts.

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