Did you celebrate Safer Internet Day  on Tuesday, February 11?

Well, if you missed it, Safer Internet Day served as a day to “celebrate positive practices in digital media and technology” and “grow public awareness that a safer, better internet depends on all of us.”

Safer Internet day was established in Europe more than a decade ago by the Insafe Network and was first recognized in the United States in 2012 by U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the European Commission in an effort to “make the internet safer for kids.” While that remains the overarching goal, Safer Internet Day hopes to make the internet better for everyone.

This year, ConnectSafely managed the U.S. Safer Internet Day campaign and invited everyone to share “#OneGoodThing” they’ve seen or done to make the internet, or the World a better place with the Internet. Thousands of people responded and we will too, but after we answer this one question.

Why does Safer Internet Day matter for Small Businesses?

  • “Every internet user and business big and small has a vital role to play in making today’s very participatory, user-driven internet great,” says Anne Collier, co-founder of ConnectSafely.org. Businesses are contributing by researching and implementing different ways to protect their company and their customers, providing a variety of ways to access products and content, and improving the way customers connect with them.
  •  Reminder that­ the Internet is still a good place for businesses. The past year seemed like a rough one for businesses, but we won’t let Gerbner get us down ! The internet is not a mean world and the Safer Internet Day campaign reminds us that it is still a good place for businesses to grow in an environment where positive practices can unlock unlimited potential.

Below, we’ll share plenty of examples of things done on the internet to make the internet a great place for small businesses #5GoodThings.

  1. Increasing Audience Reach – The small business GoldieBlox won an online contest to have their 30-second commercial aired during Super Bowl XLVIII, reaching 111.5 million viewers, according to Nielsen. This is a historic success for small businesses.
  2. Crowdfunding – We could also talk about GoldieBlox’s success on Kickstarter, but Nathan Resnick’s kickstarter campaign for Yes Man Watches stole our attention.  The college sophomore surpassed his goal of $15,000 and received over $31,000 in pledges after starting his campaign in January!
  3. Online Credit Monitoring – Websites like CreditKarma and Quizzle have made it easier for individual users to monitor their credit report online for free, but what about small businesses? We’re proud to say that we’ve contributed with our free product CreditSignal®* , which helps small business stay informed and alerts them when changes are made to their D&B business credit report.
  4. E-Commerce – No matter what you’re trying to sell, you can find an outlet for it online. Whether it’s contributing to the DIY community on Etsy.com and Deviantart.com or setting up your online shop with Shopify or any of the many e-commerce platforms, it has never been easier to sell online.
  5. Branding – Michael Mendez, a Miami business owner, uses the power of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to create buzz around his fuel stations. It’s not just about selling fuel for Mendez, it’s about “relating” to his customers and offering something they need. These tools are becoming essential for businesses, so don’t be afraid to use the internet, especially social media, to build your brand.

We’ve listed 5 Good Things we’ve seen that made the Internet better for small businesses, but we know there are so many more examples!

What are some of the ways you think the Internet has made the world better for Small Businesses?

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Photo Credit: ConnectSafely.org