photoThere’s never any down time in this City of Angels. Not even on a Saturday morning. New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Los Angeles certainly lives up to the rivalry as the city that never stops.

There is a constant buzz of networking all around the corners and pockets of this endless town and its many business niches that live within. Enter camera right: Harvardwood.

Harvardwood is a power hybrid of Harvard Business School Alumni (HBS) and super networking group, Digital LA. This past weekend’s panels featured studio executives from Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios, Fox Network Group, Paramount Pictures, Maker Studios, Hulu, and Mirror Digital.

Joined with an audience of over 100 current and freshly graduated HBS students hitting LA’s pavement, we listened about and discussed the rise of digital entertainment companies in Silicon Beach, and how traditional media and digital media companies can work together.

Here are our top 5 takeaways:


“The General Managers of tomorrow have to be extremely fluent in this.” – David Haddad, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, SVP Digital Publishing on the importance of Data and SEO volubility


“Engagement is  sort of the key area that we’re focused on right now as far as digital marketing.” – Shayna Smith, Walt Disney Studios, VP, International In-Home Sales on being proactive regarding advancing social feedback


“Our access to data is different than us distributing on top of other people’s platforms…there are a lot of choices to be made there.” – David Haddad


“Almost the entire online business model is moving to free to play with micro-transactions.” – David Haddad


“It’s the silent pejorative that makes up the news that ends up in the Wall Street Journal.” – Shayna Smith

How high is your fluency in the world of big data? What do you feel like you know, and what more are you looking to learn? Let us know in the comments and we’ll reach out for the answers with all the contacts we made this past weekend!