superbowl comm

With headlines like, “After Risqué Years, Super Bowl Commercials Go Warm and Fuzzy,” and, “Where Did All the Bikinis Go,” it’s quite apparent that there’s been a shift in advertising this year – and we like it.

Although the game may not have been so exciting (not taking sides here…#justsayin), the twist of sentiment in the much anticipated commercials was of great interest. Even when out dog-walking post game, everyone seemed to be buzzing about the maudlin spots featured in what were undoubtedly the most expensive campaigns of the year for most companies!

Derek Rucker, professor of marketing for the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University said, “It’s time to be powerful in the ad. Companies are trying to get new messages to consumers…it could be that we’re coming out of a recession and advertisers are trying to re-embrace consumers.”

So what was your take? Did you find the change saccharine and overemotional? Or did it speak to you as a passionate response to a more focused and evolving American culture?

Leave us your two cents in the comments, and here are a couple of our favorite small business focused ads for you to peruse while preparing your response…but you don’t have to take our word for it.