Earlier today, our CEO Jeff Stibel joined other small business funding experts in Washington DC to discuss today’s funding environment in an effort to look for ways the government can increase access to capital for small business owners. The people giving testimony included:

There were some conversations around how to increase access to capital for small business owners, and we did our best to capture the highlights through tweets!  But if you want to see the entire proceedings, it’s been archived on ustream:

archived of congressional testimony on small business lending

In addition, our CEO submitted a written testimony loaded with great information on the state of small business financing.  You can read the entire document here: Testimony of Jeff Stibel, Chairman and CEO of Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. Although, if you want a sneak peak, this graphic showing the Small Business Lending Paradox tells a fascinating story:

SmallBiz Lending Paradox

Showing how the growth in revenue per employees is highest among micro-businesses, but, paradoxically, the larger “small businesses” are seeing much greater success in obtaining loans.

In terms of highlights of the day, luckily our CMO Judy Hackett was with Jeff Stibel and able to capture some great photos of the day starting before they even entered the capital building!

Some highlights from the testimony

and, of course, the day didn’t end there, with our CEO continuing to meet with congressional leaders throughout the day

Let there be no doubt, our entire team was honored to be asked to advocate for the small business community and look forward to future trips to DC!