Walking into our office kitchen for coffee this morning, I was greeted by the grand daddy of soda dispensers, fittingly designed by Pininfarina, the designers of Ferrari themselves. It is Coca-Cola’s Freestyle machine.

If you’ve never used one at a movie theater or restaurant, imagine the most versatile, customizable soda machine of all time. I’m talking every flavor of every Coca-Cola product imaginable with different syrups and club soda available to add a unique twist to your favorite beverage.

Ordering from the Freestyle

This is a particularly exciting addition to our office. Not only can my colleagues and I foresee a lot of delightful caffeinated concoctions in our future, but we heard we’re the first corporate office in California to install one!

Freestyle Screen

And best of all, this is just the latest example of the incredible company culture that we’ve cultivated.  Some of the other wonderful perks we’ve taken on to differentiate ourselves include:

  • Our Annual Credibility All-Star trips that have taken our employees to places like Iceland, Bora Bora and Italy!
  • Our innovative EdAhead program that helps inspires our employees and communities to prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs!
  • Our break room loaded with inspirational gadgets including a pool, ping pong, video game hub and our MakerBot 3-D Printer where we can prototype our latest ideas

Curious how you can get a taste of goodness from our new Freestyle machine (and maybe even enjoy some of these other perks!)?  A great place to start would be our career page!  😉

Now, before the line gets too long, I’m off to give our new Coca-Cola Ferrari a test drive.