MariSmithWelcome to our last Small Business Saturday podcast! We’ve really enjoyed sharing these retail tips with you, and we hope you’ll take full advantage of the advice given here to make the most of the holiday shopping season.

We couldn’t have chosen a better last act: Mari Smith is a renowned social media strategist, speaker and author, specializing in Facebook marketing. She has been named a top Social Media Influencer by Forbes and is one of our very own Most Influential Small Business People on Twitter!

Mari rounded out our podcast series with some great ideas for small businesses using Facebook to connect with consumers!

Listen now:

Here are 3 of Mari’s tips:

  1. Content, content, content: Producing content that is quality, relevant and consistent is important! Mari recommends posting content to your Facebook page once or twice a day. Having trouble making your business sound exciting to the social media world? Get creative!
  2. Amplify through ads: Once you’ve created your quality, relevant content, go into the Facebook Ads dashboard or the Power Editor and spread the word! Mari highly recommends advertising your ads on mobile rather than on desktop.
  3. Convert Social to Sales: Intersperse your great content with calls to action: let people know where they can do business with you, ask them to join an email list, offer a coupon, etc. This is how you turn followers into customers.

Want more Mari? Find her on Facebook, Twitter @MariSmith and at!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips to make the most of the holiday retail season. Be sure to check out the previous podcasts for more great tips. Happy holidays from us to you, and don’t forget to #shopsmall!