We hear you, because we asked. We’re glad we did.

As an SMB (please read: our country’s backbone), we want to hear your experience regarding government and corporate contracting opportunities include adjectives like; successful, steadfast, and maybe even something a little to the tune of easy-cheesy-piece-of-cake.

financial districtInstead, your tales of seeking out these initiatives seem to evoke language that elicit more of a “Shakespeare’s Act V” vibe. Call us old fashioned, but disappointing, ignored, and unethical aren’t exactly music to our ears.

Fact: When it comes to landing those contracts and winning those bids, things shouldn’t be getting “curiouser and curiouser”, logistics should be a cinch.

Join us this coming Tuesday (before stuffing the bird in the oven and welcoming the in-laws), November 26th at 11am PST. We’re co-hosting a webinar with our comrades over at Microsoft, to help your small biz tap into hundreds of billions of dollars in government and corporate supplier contracting. Yes, hundreds of billions.

This is a lucrative marketplace, and the opportunities are there for you and your business. Know more. Do more. Win more. We’re dedicated to making sure you’re a fit, and that you make the headcount.

Please leave any questions you want us to cover in the comments, and let us know, what are the companies that you would like to be doing business with? Make it count. RSVP right now, and we’ll see you Tuesday!