Can a mobile app make you more productive?

You betcha!

Knowing there’s a plethora of time-wasting mobile apps on the market, our team has been reaching out to experts from a variety of business fields to ask them what business apps they use and recommend for business owners. We ended up with way too many great answers for just one post… so we’re happy to say that today’s contributions from Brian Tracy, Barry Moltz, Chris Garrett, Jim Kukral and Ramon Ray is just the beginning of a series of posts we plan to publish over the next few weeks that will help you use mobile apps to make your work-life more efficient, productive and enjoyable.

But enough of an intro… Let’s hear from the experts about their Top 3 Business Apps!

professional speaker, author, entrepreneur and success expert

Professional speaker, author, entrepreneur and success expert

Brian Tracy

  • Evernote: “We love the Evernote app because it’s easy to use and increases productivity by enabling users to organize, document, and save ideas/findings across the board through all mobile and desktop devices. The features that we love most about Evernote are the ability to take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, prioritize, record voice reminders, and make these notes searchable/accessible across all of your devices.”
  • Dropbox“We love Dropbox because it enables users to quickly and easily share documents, photos, spreadsheets, and videos, and other important content from anywhere, including mobile devices. This enables businesses to access and edit shared files and stay connected with your team at all times.”
  • Yammer“We love this business social network app because it brings employees, content, conversation, and business data together into one convenient location. This app enables team members to collaborate, stay in the “know,” and share ideas in  real time, from anywhere to ensure ongoing to ensure business success.”

Entrepreneur, business consultant and author

Entrepreneur, business consultant and author

Barry Moltz


Business adviser on new media

Business adviser on new media

Chris Garrett

  • WordPress“It’s a free, well-supported (apparently it runs around one fifth of the world’s most popular websites) and super-powerful CMS”
  • Skype“It makes staying in touch and collaborating easy, no matter where you are”
  • A Weber“Your list is your biggest asset (after your reputation and network)”


Author and business web designer

Author and business web designer

Jim Kukral

  •“You can live chat with your customers even when you’re not in front of your computer. It’s a great way to keep the sales funnel producing. I’ve used this standing in a river with water up to my waist while trout fishing.”
  • EMSplus“You can instantly take payments by credit cards through your phone– with the lowest swipe rates in the industry too! It’s backed up by a merchant account firm with over 27 years in the business.”
  • JotNot Pro:“Who needs a fax machine? I sign a document, take a pic of it with my phone with this app and either fax it or email it to my client.”

Business journalist and former technology consultant

Business journalist and former technology consultant

Ramon Ray

  • Asana“It’s an excellent tool for task and project management; free; feature rich and expandable.”
  • Freshbooks“It’s an easy to use invoicing tool; lots of features; low cost (and free options too).”
  • Infusionsoft“I think beyond email marketing CRM is critical, small businesses need CRM software!”


Do you agree with their app selections?

Did these experts miss your favorite productivity app?

Let us know in the comments and we’ll look to feature even more business apps in future articles!

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