It can be hard to determine which social media platforms you should use. In most cases, attracting an engaged following is not an easy task, and keeping it can be even more difficult, since there’s no point in which you can put it on autopilot and expect good 2131797458_b9ef4a921f_nresults. However, here’s a reason to be interested in Twitter.

Back in August, Twitter released a survey detailing how following small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) influences customers. The overall findings indicate that many followers of SMBs on Twitter do so in order to be involved with the business in some way, whether it be to learn about new deals or provide feedback. In other words, Twitter can increase visibility within your local community by acting as a part of your sales funnel (or whirlpool). However, it may be hard to find your local community without using Twitter ads, since targeting tweets for specific geographical locations is impossible otherwise, which means your tweets have a high chance of being lost amongst all the furious chatter. Setting up your own hashtag can help, but it’s no silver bullet.

Here are the juicy stats

  • 72% of respondents indicated that they were more likely to make future purchases from SMBs they follow.
  • 30% is the average increase in referrals SMBs get after followers interact with them, and 86% of followers are more likely to visit a business if a friend recommends it.
  • 73% follow SMBs to get updates about future products, while 61% want to engage directly – share ideas and/or provide feedback.
  • 32% stated that they were more likely to visit a small business after seeing a promoted tweet that pertains to something they care about.

The Takeaway

A potential 30% increase in referrals? Who can say no to that? Bottom line, Twitter can be used to tap a new customers and further engage regulars. The key point is that you need to understand the people who make up your customer base – what’s important to them in their lives and how your business adds value. Once you understand who your customers are, and thus your potential customers, you can begin forming a Twitter strategy to show how your business can enrich their lives.

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[CC photo credit to Amypalko]