To start and run a business often requires borrowed capital. Self-evident as that may be, finding the right lender for your business it crucial. Whether every lender wants to throw money at you, or nearly every one you meet with rejects you, working with the lender that best fits your business may be the catalyst that sets off growth.

Access to Capital – August 14th, Atlanta, GA

That’s what makes Access to Capital: Money to Mainstreet so powerful. It’s not your average conference, where you listen to panels and speakers, then funnel into another room where sponsors eye you from branded tables, and finally you leave without really knowing what your next step should be.

No, Access to Capital is a wholly different beast.

Access to Capital LogoHere the panels are comprised of outrageously qualified professionals – bank executives, CEOs of crowdfunding platforms, regional directors of alternative lending institutions, and wildly successful entrepreneurs. Then you can walk into the next room and have one-on-one meetings with representatives from over 20 lenders. It’s highly recommended that you put some of the knowledge you learn from the panels to use in your meetings. The VP of such-and-such a bank basically describe your business when he was explaining what sort of businesses his bank looks for? You bet you can go meet with a representative from that bank. We even toss in a free copy of your business credit report to attendees, and have credit advisors on hand to explain any questions or concerns you might have.

Tammy Halevy, Senior Vice President, New Initiatives puts it this way: Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 1.20.52 PM

And you gotta figure she goes to a lot of these kinda events.

The catch:

I lied. There is no catch. If I give you a link for 50% off the current ticket price , will you forgive me?

Awesome. See you in Atlanta!

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