The MothLast week a group of interns from the office attended The Moth, a themed story-slam, in Los Angeles.

Not familiar with The Moth? It goes like this:  Imagine 70 extremely stylish, incredibly articulate and modestly hipster Los Angeles natives (let that be synonymous for directors, screenwriters, costume designers, musicians, comedians and other talented beings) gathered in a modern cantina. Each Moth event has a topic that is announced before the event (‘Lost’ was the topic of the night). At the event, story tellers place their name in a hat and 10 names are randomly drawn throughout the night. Those chosen have 6 minutes and no notes to tell their story.

You hear some pretty amazing stories: “I lost another man’s trial.” “I lost my voice.” “I lost my breast to cancer.”

“Great, glad you had fun last week, now can you tell me what this has to do with my business?” you ask?  In the business world you have to do a lot of talking. You talk to partners, investors, merchants, employees, the market. The way you present your product is equally, if not more important than the product itself.

These story tellers win the audience in less than 6 minutes. In 360 seconds these average people create roaring laughter and silent tears in an audience of complete strangers. You, as an entrepreneur, need to do the same. Learn how to win people over in 6 minutes. You, as an entrepreneur, need to do the same. Learn how to win people over in 6 minutes. Tweet This You don’t have much time to convince that investor that your business is going to succeed and you don’t have much time to convince consumers that your product is worth their money. Learning how to connect quickly can help you vastly as an entrepreneur.

Check out this Moth story, the accidental executive, for some great 6-minute business inspiration.